A white Christmas in South Africa.

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Seeing as it is very close to Christmas I would love to share this lovely story with you all. I wish to have a white Christmas in South Africa. This will probably never happen as it is summer here.


A few days ago we had a huge storm come in, lots of rain thunder and lightning, with literally heaps of hail, small pebble size.

The garden had looked like it just snowed and the ground was covered, so us as boys decided to do what boys do best and tried to build a snowman/hailman


Our lovely hailman started to grow quite fast as we brought buckets of ice to help give him a better body.


We where even able to add some hair and a smile to this lovely hailman.


Then a bunch of girls thought he was so sexy and in a flash the tackled him down to the ground.

RIP: our hailman left this world behind, but we could still feel his cold touch on our hands...

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RIP hailman.

That was amazing what you did with the hail. It really did look like a snowman. Even though it didn't last long but you did great. :)


We even had a snow fight, but it was really sore as it felt like hundreds of small stones being thrown at you.


Seems like a really fun day. Thanks for sharing.

You know we looked at the storm and hail and just worried about the cars and windows getting damaged.. Looking at this i really wish we had embrached it... nice going on living life on the brighter side of life!!!!!

Haha... This must have been fun for you and everyone who participated in this snowman building.... What a way to catch some fun.

When I saw your post, the day returned vividly and I recall standing by the window looking out. I quickly put on my slippers and went to stand outside, just for a few minutes, so as to experience the freshness of the sudden cold (was not hit often).

As a writer, I always expect my characters to react to everything and take advantage of all opportunities life presents them, in an imaginative manner, but I'm not that good at following my own rules.

Looks fun♪

merry Christmas in advance, can wait for the date, a lots of fun to catch

Haha.. This is how things gets done in South Africa, 'n Boer maak 'n plan.

Looks like you guys had fun, you are so right, I don't think we will ever see a white Christmas. But I actually prefer summer over winter so don't really bother me too much.

it is pretty:)
i am smile now

Lolx. Very funny one @dragonslayer109. He snowman's life was short-lived by I'm glad you still got him in a picture for us all to see. Cheers! Merry Xmas in hyper-advance....


Good photography looks fun I appreciate it @dragonslayer 👍👍

The weather has been a bit wild all over lately. Lucky to get some nice small hailstones for a change. Nice idea to make a hailman too. Looks like lots of fun.

i laughed much te snowman it look like so cute

Your snowman has an eerie resemblance to the snowman in the movie The Snowman that I just watched last weekend :)


Wanted to watch it, you are right. That is kinda freaky


Go ahead and watch it. It is an awesome thriller movie.

Nice photos. We always loved to make snowmen. We had four to five big snowmen. You're freezing a bit but the kids enjoy it.

Wow! Nice post.

Love the enthusiasm!!

hehehe good make it art
maybe someday can going to Russia

They let out the child inside. The magic of Christmas. Good thing he could enjoy a special moment. Blessings. I follow him.

MEGALOLZ!!! nice one @dragonslayer109 you just made my morning!
have a great week :-D

Rip mr. hailman :( Come to Canada if you want to play in the snow...there's so much here. It's freezing here but snow is a lot of fun. Every year, I love to build a little igloo and stay in there with my family.

Praying for you to have a white christmas this year, so you can enjoy the snow too :D

Nice work!

The little success stories make life happier!

Super bro.....

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haha this is awesome! nice work on it

Wonderful post you shared, nice description keep it up @dragonslayer109

There is nothing more painful than sticking your hands into a bucket filled with hail... well done creating a snowman through all of the pain... RIP ice man

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this is difference system see at this time...

Wow. Amazing. It is a good way to introduce and integrate photographers in steemit. Photographers will have good reasons to stay. Giving us a stage to grow. Thank you!

Aw cute snowman!

That was a real fun story @dragonslayer109 :) We were also joking about a possible white Christmas with that icy spell we experienced recently! We certainly know how to make light of any situation here on the southernmost tip of Africa, hale to your Hail/Ice Man ;)

Nice try
I like the idea white Christmas

nice snow penis and happy holidays

That's what you call make the lemon juice out of the lemon. Nice, funny and uplifting. Thanks a lot @dragonslayer109

hehe that was so awesome :D

Funny story :)

Rip to the lovely hailman......lol
But i don't know why we never get to experience snow that much in Nigeria.

What an amazing photography here boss @dragonslayer109 and merry xmas in advance to you all.

Nice. One hell of a snowman. You kept in great effort cos sorry to break your heart it doesn't look like the traditional snowman.:) Keep steeming on bro @dragonslayer. Team Africa taking over steemit

What a Nicely Photography. ..!!!
Really AWSOME. ..
Love it..

It's amazing how to turned the situation into an opportunity to have fun. Life's too short to be worrying all the time. Nice work!!!

A real snowman (hailman really,) in South Africa. You deserve a medal.

I hope it is a very white Christmas :) this snowman deserves a nice Christmas :) you are so. Thank you for sharing with us. I enjoyed reading it :)

I laughed my ass of its like rugby poor snow man

It seems an artist, I really am fabulous, thank you for sharing with us and fill us with joy at this time.

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Wao! What an amazing creativity 👌, so lovely.

this is pretty awesome and fun idea , I hope everyone is safe from the hail/storm..

We had created a SnowWoman last year when we had been to Himachal Pradesh. It's a crazy feeling when people wanna click selfies with your creation ;)

Open it only if you're interested to see mine ;)


Looks amazing bro 👌 so like it 👏

nice iceman, must have been enjoyable to make, fellow south african @plainoldme

Allá nieve y acá tanto calor!! Saludos :)

The snowman looks like a poodle great job

Haha nice! Does it happen often?

So sad the snow man didn't last.. 😢

Looking at the way the weather has been lately, a white Christmas may be a possibility. I love your hailman.

oo very beautiful

haha good challenge :D

Really cool snowman 😊

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@dragonslayer109 :-( Made me sad. But followed you anyway

Poor Hail-man!

Girls will be girls :)

Pretty nice snowman!

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Beautiful SnowMan...

beautiful creation

I hope you gave him a proper funeral

RIP. Crazy weather conditions

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hehe cool hailman and rip to the little fella he had some style ;)

wow... wonderful creations...

Ow, I've never made a snowman. It seems quite funny, but of course, yours does not look like Frozen haha
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so sweet eyes <3 RIP :) at end

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Hahahahaha. Really funny post.

hahaha :) I like to always snowman. In my country does not snow much oil. And little snow makes it a bit muddy. The snowmen we make for this reason are actually like aliens from the mud: D

have a nice day .. my friend :)

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