June 2, Weekly report #8

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Greetings Steemians!!!

More than 60 days in steem community and there is nothing that make me feel sad or unoptimistic.
Steem is great platform i wish i would now about it earlier and don't spent my time elsewhare.

Bot Progress

Day by day i am learning more things about steem, programming and bots. bot at this point can follow the blockchain stream and react on different situations ( comments, votes etc ). Due the limited time i have it may takes several days to finish it.

Redfish Power UP League

You don't know how to grow your steem account?
Join @paulag's Redfish Power UP League

Steem Power Giveaway: Win Up to 100SP For 4 Weeks - 14

@akomoajong and his 100SP delegation helps me a lot on my baby steps and i believe that he help a lot of other steemians too. pay a visit to his weekly SP delegation post

#seven77 Activity Challenge

#seven77 is a challenge initiated by @nathanmars. It is an easy challenge and does not need much of your time but only some seconds. Everyone can participate to this challenge and is about to raise the awareness of steem in other platforms and to the rest of world. You can read more here
My Recent Activity


CategoryThis WeekLast WeekIncrease
Reputation58.3556.87+1.48 ( +2.60% )
Followers8678+8 ( +10.25% )
Following10095+5 ( +5.26% )
Posts Combined799706+93 (+13.17%)
Posts Only193175+18 (+10.28%)
Comments Only606531+75 (+14.12%)


This week another delegation completed. that one was from @paulag ( +50SP ).
Thank you so much for your support on my baby steps.

If you have any suggestions to make or competitions to join don't hesitate to leave a comment below.

See you next week.

I would like to say a big thanks to all people that delegate SP to me.
SteemianSP Delegated
nathanmars+776 SP(filled by thecryptodrive )
steemmonsters+20 SP
paulag+50 SP Completed
akomoajong+100 SP Completed

Actifit Rewards Your Daily Activity.

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Monetize your time spent on internet doing nothing

Join SteemMonsters collect cards and sell them for Steem.

Join DrugWars Sell drugs and earn coins.

All images included in my post are taken from my cell phone..

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