Keeping Humility

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Keeping Humility


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Being great over something doesn’t always lead to what you expect it to be; it could also be a trap without you noticing it. The danger of it could lead you astray, no matter how humbling your goal is the moment you fell to that trap it would slowly take you down with it. Being obnoxious is not the right character you would want take with you.


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The most crucial part of being great without being arrogant is the path of becoming great itself. One special aspect that you should consider on being great is knowing your capabilities. This in turn could lead you in two ways depending on how you handle yourself. Either you would let it take over you and your emotions as early as now, or control yourself so that when the time comes that you are on the pedestal you could keep your humble self.


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What’s important to keep in mind is that the praises you get shouldn’t go through your head. Instead let it radiate to everyone who took part on the greatness you have achieved. You should also be an inspiration to others instead of becoming a nuisance with the arrogance you attained. No matter how much you value your own self, you should never forget to look back on what really matters. You may be at the peak right now but never expect to live such prosperous life forever. In the end what truly defines you is the path you’ve chosen and the character you’ve become.


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