'Mirror effect' in a conflict

in #life10 months ago

Screen Shot 2021-10-09 at 8.52.50 PM.png
For some time an interesting observation keeps me thinking about the nature of an argument or confrontation in general. Have you ever noticed one I would call it 'the mirroring effect'. It is when both conflicting sides in a way look at the opponent like in a mirror and their own fears and angers reflects, but they attribute it to the opponent. Not themselves. Sometimes if to try to walk in the other people shoes one could receive an eyes wide opening experience. Like one that the counterpart portrays you the same villain you portray them.
Sad enough that it seems every generation just born tabula rasa, sometimes not really seeing what's good or bad without going through wrong paths. But shall we admit without the past we would be different. Past gives understanding of which ways just lead to nowhere. Not sure why the Divine created us that way, being able to find the solutions only seems through mistakes. That is why it is so important that mistakes should not be forgotten, otherwise we need to go through them again and again...

The Picture credits : Kroshka Yenot (Little Raccoon) cartoon from my childhood

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