The Robots Are Coming

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Has anyone noticed more humanoid robots in public spaces? This one was hanging out at the Mall of America in Minneapolis. It had a human keeper with it who told me that mall visitors were the beta testers for the companies tech. I asked him if the bot had hit any children accidentally yet. He smiled and said “a couple”.

I was looking at the stars with @bakerchristopher here at our Upstate New York bungalow last night and I pointed out Mars to my 2 year old. I said isn’t it wild that humans have put a robot on that planet so very far away that is taking pictures and sending them back from the Red Planets surface. He smiled back and said, “Yeah. And there’s a robot in our pool over there too.” Which is true. And it does a pretty good job of cleaning the leaves for our little bungalow colony up here.

It used to be “The Robots Are Coming”. More and more it seems to be “The Robots Are Here.”

Yours With the Bots,

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This robot definitely looks like it's ready for a fight.
I wonder why he decided to hit just kids lol.

True robot are almost every, technology is becoming more advanced each day.

It will be nice having them around but I only fear the disadvantages that comes with it.
Definitely most humans will lose their means of living to these botty fellows.

There begins what I call the Civil-Bot War.


We just have to get better bots so the war is between them! Bots on bots! Just kidding I’m all about peaceful bots...
and Fight Club!!! (One of my very faves!)



I love fight clubs too

I have ambitions to fill my house with robots - one that cleans the floors, one that mows the lawn, and one that can take out rogue aliens (just in case).


Amazing! Love this!!!
Me too. I’m ready for the homebot line to end all dirty dishes and agro-aliens!

Yep, they are already here. For all the hype about them taking our jobs I doubt it will be that bad honestly as other departments will definitely be created

This robot is completly ready for fight . They looks like fighter robot . I hope this robot work good . Thanks for sharing @dogkarr

Hahahaha. The kids and their stuff! When I see how far artificial intelligence has progressed, I can't help but remember the film made by Stanley Kubrick and released in 1968, 2001: space odyssey, when the latest generation supercomputer, called HAL 9000, comes to life and must be disconnected. No one would have imagined (O yes) the supremacy of robots. The last thing I was called to tention is Sophia, the intelligent humanoid robot, who despised a kiss from Will Smith. The gestures, the facial expressions, they seem to me to be from another world. Thank you for sharing, @dougkarr

Won't be long till robots overtake everything in this world

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I haven't noticed much of a presence of robots in public spaces yet, but that could most likely be due to the fact that I've been in Vermont haha. I'm setting off driving across country soon so I'm sure I'll be seeing plenty of them

My nephew stumbled on this exact robot when he was visiting. Ryan was enthralled by it. It was truly amazing (and a little frightening) how well it interacted with him. Speaking of wise of Wes to make that pool correlation!