HardForks in Minnesota

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I headed out to Minnesota this week to get some more in-person time with @ericvancewalton and we had a fantastic time getting the creative for @hardforkseries honed in the big city with some remote calls to @bakerchristopher.

We kept up our usual inspired habit of brainstorming and writing in strange and interesting places.

On a whim we dropped by the club that F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald frequented (which as luck would have it was open to the public for a few weeks) to have a mid afternoon drink and have our brains stimulated by the smoky Victorian environs by the fireplace.

For some reason we always seem to end up in some kind of elite stronghold. When Eric visited New York we went to a play that was filled to the brim with Uptight Manhattanites that didn’t realize the play was a comedy, one of them nearly starting a fight with me for laughing. It seems like theirs a guiding hand helping us visualize the centralized elite in the HardFork world so we can best counterbalance the D.Factions and tell the most compelling future vision possible.

We even got a little super fun disco exercise time in, rollerskating at Eric and Raymi’s local rink. Eric and Raymi are really good and it was fun doing my best to keep up.

It looks strangely empty here but it was filled with nice people and some super talent skaters.

Last time I was on a rink I was directing models to fly for an Aeropostale spot, so I had plenty of flashbacks of trying not to let beautiful girls slam into the camera, walls, each other while doing their sexy model thang...

At an excellent Russian dinner before I left we celebrated our great time working and hanging out with Raymi and I endowed Eric with a ceremonial tiny hat.

Such a productive and fun time! I feel so crazy lucky to be working with such an amazing team of friends on this project, it really puts things into prospective.

Matt Niemerg is headed to NYC later this week to continue the awesomeness of in person hangs with @bakerchristopher and myself, a hugely helpful boon for our decentralized HardFork team.

Yours in the Chain,

I am a Brooklyn based writer, film & commercial director, and crypto-enthusiast, my projects include @HardFork-series an upcoming narrative crypto-noir and my novel Dwelling will soon be premiering exclusively on Steemit, and you can check out more of my work at dougkarr.com, piefacepictures.com, and www.imdb.com/name/nm1512347

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10% of all profits from Dwelling will be donated to Amnesty International.


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Looks like you guys had a great time! :-)


We did indeed! Thanks @thewritersblock!

What a great time it was! We always manage to find some amazing adventures in between those epic writing sessions. Thanks for dropping in and can’t wait until we crash the next elite stronghold! Is there one of those on St. Thomas? 😊


Haha, if there is, we'll find it!


Haha, this was such a great post! Good memories, man.

You never know who the people are that you will meet in roller skating arena, the local roller rink by us was the training facility for an Olympic Ice Speed Skating Champion from the 2006 Winter Olympics, Chad Hendrick. That boy could fly on in line roller skates, it also didn't hurt that his parents own the place so he could practice when ever he wanted too. He was amazing to watch lapping that rink.
Glad you folks are meshing so well as a team, can't wait for the fruits of the labor to be available.

@dougkarr, It was fantastic time you all spend in Minnesota. You all very lucky with fun adventure. I'm pretty inspiring to see you, @ericvancewalton and Raymi. Eric ready to disco dance with Raymi. Such good comparison. I looked great smile from you at all. It seems your purposes succeed of developing @hardfork-series. You given sexy roller-disco awesome and attractive. I wish you all of decentralized HardFork team for future success for more development of blockchain.

Was the Russian dinner at Moscow on the Hill? I live right by there and love that place!


It was! Great food! My wife and I live in the area too.

wow,,you are soo cute

Wow great life enjoy and excellent photography. it is really look. love it this video
Thanks @dougkarr
100% like and resteem

The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe. Looks like you are having fun with your writing sessions. Enjoy

Good jop friends @dougkarr

It's really nicepost..We'll find it:

nice vary vary niceDQmdgBWUXPeQrXvMrjoogvBvJRfy4TeVy7Z4iVGcbCsVheo.gif

Good Writing skill,,,Thanks for dropping in and we won't wait until we crash the next elite stronghold!!! hahahaha...
you are so brilliant...
that is called the consummation of a well writer..
like your post and @upvoted you too

Great post dear What a great time it was! We always manage to find some amazing adventures in between those epic writing sessions.. wish you all of decentralized HardFork team for future success for more development of blockchain.

The Twin Cities are the best... I went to U of M and my brother still lives in south minneapolis... it's still on my list to get to a Russian restaurant ! peace

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Looks like you guys had a fun time

Thanks for sharing this hard fork and the story about your travel is sounds good and I look that you have a very positive attitude and hoping best. And you are an advantageous person.