What do you think is the true purpose of life?

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True Purpose of Life?

Because there are many ways to answer this while remaining relevant and sincere, I will contribute some that come to mind. 

For truth that is not confined or limited, we have to step beyond  language to read between the lines.

1. To realize that there are no final answers, only opportunity to live in the moment and experience awareness, perhaps finding ways to expand on it. 

2. To face the challenge of finding oneness, wholeness in the sum of parts, especially when they appear to conflict. And to carry on without losing what you managed to find.  

3. To offer every conscious living thing the opportunity to participate; to add to the movement of life, and to do so while preserving ones own without obstructing participation by others. That may be easier said than done, but it is very important.

4. To get lost, spend the bulk of ones life striving to find their way home and learn some things along the way. 

5. To give every individual, at least as far as people are concerned, a mission- to contribute the power within toward furthering life while taking action on every chance to break the path of it´s destruction;  the choking out of simplicity, the strategies to limit choice, indulging advantages when this will take freedom and quality of life from others (being spoiled and irresponsible).

Perhaps the meaning of life is such gratitude that you give back by actively opposing the campaigns of the dead (those whom have sold their life) to reduce our days to either a contest of power and self serving domination, or purpose limited to feeding ones power to the black hole that the dead have created.

Said another way... To relieve some of their assumed responsibility to serve the interests of one while judging and restricting others who pursue a different path, because given time, alternate means may well have revealed another key to expanding life faster than it will continue erode under the authority of ignorance.

The meaning of life may be to know the power you have in living, to break illusions,  taking every seemingly small opportunity that comes your way to expand life affirming awareness, like this one. What you have, you create more of. Choose what you have. This is what you have to give. Choose life. 

image by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash