This is what the facebook login should say

in life •  2 years ago 

Facebook Login Old look.jpg

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Lol true stuff! Took me a minute to find it tho! ;)

This, and texting. Some people are scared to talk on the phone now-a-days. How crazy is that! We are more connected than ever before, but yet so distant from each other.

If we are not on a screen, they are not interested. I went over to a friends house today as they almost begged me to come over to see them as it had been a while.

Wished I hadn't gone now as there was no conversation between us going on. All I heard was notification pops & other stupid sound effects mixed in with a bit of swearing at the smartphones. It got so annoying so I just walked out and left.

Facebook may be connecting people online but, it is disconnecting, dehumanising & creating problems for people, more so.

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