Romeo and Juliet in the park 💛

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I really like the fact that people often use the green space in New Zealand. Lawns are well cared for and cities are clean. It's nice to spend time with friends or family in such a way. Interestingly, I have not seen alcohol anywhere, which makes me very happy because I also do not drink.
Europe can learn a lot from New Zealand 😉

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I think the alcohol culture is getting better in Europe as well, especially in the Scandinavian countries. For a long time you either got drunk, or didn't drink at all. Now alcohol drinks are something you enjoy next to a meal, but you do not drink more than needed. There are exceptions, but I definitely see a healthy improvement in this.

very true what you say friend europe is the best and very good that photo ..

How do you get to add so many tags? Whenever I post something I am only allowed to add five tags...

It is because he his using steepshot app to post. It allows many tags.

It is a beautiful place to spend time with friends or it can be with a family member, how beautiful is our nature

Romeo and Juliet is a great love story, and this park looks fabulous

Beautiful place. And the palm trees look great !
I think this is the perfect place to spend the day.
Thanks for the photo, @dominik.homa

Very beautiful, to have a nice time.

Wow!!! You don't drink @dominik.homa? That is nice.

I also do not drink too. I have Never really been interested in drinking.

Oh that place really looks comfortable and enjoyable to have a quiet day and possibly some outdoor reading! What a beautiful photograph :)

That is true, it is nice to see people enjoying been outside. When I see someone leaning back to the tree and reading a book that reminds me on "Alice in Wonderland" stories, how Alice was readinf her books and at the end of story woke up just at hte same place. The paeks here are different we have more European trees rather then palms, so it is looking so exotic. Still Beautiful snapshot :)

Beautiful place. the man was looking at the sleeping woman. the right moment.

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