#13 Beautiful spring - drone dtube #5 🦅 ☀️🎥 🦅

in life •  8 months ago

Stud farm and nearby forest.
In Poland before World War 2 there were many studs farm in Poland. In the last years this trend is coming back.

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This is fantastic!
I just got started with my DJI Mavic Pro. Still learning how to get great shots! What drone/setup are you using?

Upvoted and followed for more.
If you have a moment, can you please check out my pics that I recently posted? Any suggestions on settings would be great!!



Thanks :) I also fly DJI Mavic Pro.

studs farm is a very good idea it can be of great profit.....


yes it's true but you need to have a passion for it ;)

Congratulation dominik.homa! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 37min with 9 votes.


This is a very good message, thanks. I'm very grateful

Wow! The drone must be so lucky to be able to see that beautiful views from above. It's really relaxing to watch.


:) Yes it's true. You can also fly like a drone. Five years ago I was flying paragliders, it was an amazing experience.

WoW! Wonderful footage, how did you get it high quality mine always lose quality when I upload.


Thanks :). Try to convert the video to H.264 HD750p 25, and then upload it to dtube.

Awesome and amazing

Sir so you great man.


Thank you :)

Lovely images, thanks for posting


Thanks, You welcome :)

Beautiful view.Landscapes taken from a bird's-eye view - nothing can be compared )
Drone - a real miracle of technology.
There's so much to see because of them.
However, it is also important to be able to manage it.
You're doing great. Thank you for the beauty!
Thank you for sharing a great video, @dominik.homa

Sincerely, @singa


Thanks for the kind words

Wow very beautiful, very shady, incredible video about the nature that you show. That's the God-created Nature for humans, then we should be grateful for the beauty given, let's take care and care for this nature and beauty for our better future. Thank you for presenting me an interesting video.


Thank you, yes the nature is miracle, it's best what we got.

Awesome work and informative drone video @dominik.homa, I Just know Poland many studs for some of farm in World War 2.


Great natural scenery, I want to go there to enjoy the beauty of nature


You can find in every places beauty of nature

Really nice drone video Dom! The vast sea of green trees look amazing 👍👌