#8 Beautiful spring - forest #2 🌲🌲🌲 😮

in life •  10 months ago

~~ The forest is a place where you can change your vibration for a better one. If you want to feel better, go for a walk to the forest 🚶

Leave the phone at home, only you and nature. Put yourselves on the ground and breathe in fresh air. Hug a few trees.

You will feel really great. 😊
















See you in the next day ✋😊

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It is a fact that nature heals. Thanks to the trees to bring us oxygen and admirable memories while walking between them . Thanks to the sun to bring us the energy we need for the daytime !


yes, nature is our mother.

Your post has given me the motivation to visit a forest during the next leave at work.


Thanks, all the best.

leave phone at home, only you with nature.

Love the suggest, but I think I must bring My camera and some of Coffee while enjoy the nature :D

A Largest forest in Poland, Nice Green view,

Have a nice day @dominik.homa.


coffee is not bad from time to time ;)


He he he.. Agree with that opinion @dominik.homa :D

you are right, now we can not get out of technology so forget the real happiness. Walking to a Beautiful Place like in your photo is a Good thing to make our minds open and feel the happiness.


Yes, true happiness is in us. By staying in nature it is easier to find yourself.

wow .. you are really great, understand how to take and specify object for photo @dominik-homa ... i'm so amazed with the photo you share .. really amazing ...


Wonderful bro ❤


Thanks bro :)

This part two of tRees and the forest is also giving such a calm feeling when I see it, thank you for sharing @dominik.homa I'll wait next picture of nature.


I was just up in Tahoe, and the trees are so nice there too! :)


Yes, tree are so nice in every place.

Great shots! Where you took them?


Thanks, in Polend

Forests are our lifeline, we must take some time off from our busy life and spend some quality time with nature. Beautifully captured!

Good picture, and unfortunately in our dwelling do not have 7 seasons


Thanks :), where do you live?

life, in coolness, beautiful green plants


yes, all from ouer mother nature.

when we enjoy the beauty of nature, make our feelings of peace, and cool the heart. When accompanied by a cup of coffee, it will be complete enjoy nature.


good decision :) 👍

Nice fhoto ,, I'll wait for your next post