Healthy ego

in #life2 years ago

One of the most blame-filled words in our vocabulary is ego which is unfortunate because there is nothing wrong with a healthy ego. If you don't think well of yourself who will?
Yesterday a friend tried body shaming another friend just in front of me, it did get to me coz i could feel the other party's pain.
People need to realized that you don't need validation from other people to be and own who you are.
The truth is most people are unsatisfied with who/what they stand for that they find joy in breaking people who are living/owning and happy with who they are. I giess it makes them feel better about themself... Sad right?
Yes sad, people need to realise that you don't have to sink anyones boat to float and you are being misjudged for "egocentric" "narcissistic" for trying to stay above negativity.
life is challenging enough if you don't have a nice comment or compliment to give please save your opinion.