How are you?

in life •  6 months ago

A human being knows happiness the moment it is created from within, as a partially automated brain function, when it happens it’s exciting and dazzling but it’s always more of a decision than anything else occurring. The reality of recollecting significant experiences is we have achieved some neurological complexity, memory keeps the archives available, but there is a catch: the present rarely beats the past ones, in terms of joy, happiness, learning, fulfillment or any other positive adjectives employed to process it, depending on the words repertoire of an individual. This attenuation of reality keeps getting worst with age, we are all nothing but withering flowers dancing to the wind with such primal consciousness, keeping us stunned and distracted from the moment, avoiding, locked in past memories or in the plans of the future. This memory phenomenon is clearly linked to the personal record of reinforcement contingencies and the functional development of language as a conventional reactive system to understand the world and to be understood by others. At the substitutive non-referential level of language function, memories are magically upgraded or downgraded depending on the case, and this is because, we humans have decided reality can be irrelevant, it emerges only after we put a tag on it, to the point of developing a capacity to imagine, decipher and configure things that lack of physical entity, such as feelings, time, doctrines, music, mathematics, computer programs or animated cartoons. The evidence of the nonphysical transcendence of humans is vast, as we spy realms of the spirit in the accomplishment of high order executive functions of the brain. We are the key and the door, and sometimes we scratch the door with the key, in various ways, for various reasons, before finally opening it.


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