The trilogy of "Investment"

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The first investment i made was $15 in 2008. Since then i experimented Investment quite a lot. From Internet penny auction to Premium Domain, Stock market to Real estate : I literally tried a lot.

Most of the investment i did from 2008 to 2015 saw little or no success. These were small investments(i could not afford big). I did not know what i was doing, taking blind shot at anything shiny. I am happy those didnt pay off. Best lessons are always hard lessons. Today i am so so thankful to myself that i took those blind chances and didnt get desired results. I lost money, i didnt fail.


There are tons of ways to make mistakes in investment. And very few ways to make it right. So its easier to learn and talk about the right ways. Wrong ways are too many to discuss. My wrongdoings in investment would take 200 pages probably.

Based on my experience the most important resources we have : 1. Time 2. Skill 3. Money

What i see a lot (90%)of people do is: they only count money as investment and forget about other 2. But the irony is you can invest without Money, cannot invest without time and skill. So Time and Skill are 2 "must have" resource for investment and "Money" is an auxiliary.

Just for an example: If someone has skill of doing some work and ready to spend time, he/she can produce money and then spend that money towards leveraging more time and skill. Money itself cannot leverage. We take money as the powerful tool but without other 2 money is just a pile of paper.

Then again, money is powerful. The compounding effect of money coupled with right resource allocation can be really powerful.

The only experience i can share here: If you dont have a lot of money, never worry. You still can work it out with your skill and time. And if you want to be an investor, its a must to have skills and will of putting enough time into it. Money can come from any pocket, but time and skill must come from self.

I am still learning by making mistakes again and again. And now i started loving the failure game a lot, i really do.

Thanks for all the comments and upvotes i get from awesome crowd in steemit.

Lots of LOVE.


This is a nice combination of money, time and skill and most importantly the application you elaborated. Small and rising investors can take advice and lessons from this article. Rightly said- the experience we are getting from losing is the right experience. This is worthy. Thanks for sharing a valuable article.

Nobody likes loosing, its tough. But its part of the journey. Thanks for adding your thought.

Hello @doctalk bro.
I checked many post of yours.
And i found that u don't give photo source link.
I know u are experienced , but i want to suggest you that- Give photo source link when you talk a photo from any website.
Otherwise, steemcleaners may sometime bother you.

i usually check photos that are open sourced. And most photos are mine. Thanks for the suggestion and guidance.

''Best lessons are always hard lessons.''

Thank you very much for this post. You gave us a lot of messages through this steem. Hopefully, we will be able to watch out the meaning of your inner depth message in this post & act accordingly.
Lots of Love for you too brother.

its important that we remain always a "learner".

Yes.. Definitely we always learn something in every stage in our life. 👍👍👍

your writings are being polished day by day. your contents, knowledge over them, used metaphor, selection of words, sentence structure are simply awesome. write for us, write for self.
and for sure, this trilogy is universal for investors.
best wishes.

Wow you are making me feel like a hero. Hehehe, thanks for the compliments(i m not sure if i am worthy). But for now i will take it. Thanks mate, you ve always been awesome.

I really mean it, and you deserve it. But I have two minor suggestions : 1. use justified column to mmake your writings more attractive 2. use capital I as pronoun.

Noted with a bucket of gratitude.

Investment is the success of heart as a businessman!

A business is tied to successful investor and investment.

You write so nice that I started loving the faliure.
In my case I invested in a MLM company last month. It became a loss. As I'm a jobless girl it was too hard for me to collect money for investment. I still haven't overcome it.
I read your article and thought how perfect you said, time and skill, the "must have" resource, which I didn't have. Their main profitable sector is Affiliate marketing, which I couldn't make. And I lost.
Now your writing make me understand that only money can't make a profit. Thanks.

If i understand correctly your right investment would be "Devote in steemit". And when u create a steady income flow from steemit, you may diversify into other areas as well.

It was my biggest mistake to invest there, not to steemit. After that I realize that. But now I'm not in the situation to invest again. Hopefully later I can. Thanks for your valuable advise.

Thanks for sharing with us this great information.we can learn a lot of things from your post.
I hardly believe that time and patience are most important things in our life than money.
What you think about it.

i tried to speak out from my experience.

Wao sir great explained. THANKS @doctalk SIR..IT'S FOR YOU..

Thanks for the art

I always think, from where I will start. How many return to me, is it profitable or not. I never think that I am skilled or not. Today I realised money never brings money. A failure project can be successful by our skill. Thanks boss.

Money will bring tension, stress and anxiety if its without time and skill. This is a guaranteed return.

@doctalk I understand how much you struggle by invest. We also know a thing that here there is no one can success without invest.Without invest he gain success but it tooks enough time.
Thanks for sharing.

thanks for complements.

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