An example of the ability to plan for the next 500 years

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1913, England, London, Westminster Hall, the oldest building of the Parliament in the world.

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Meeting of the Commission on the major restoration of the hall found a big problem: the building began to build in the 11th century, ended only in the 14th, and then repaired at times, but in the twentieth century had required a major overhaul ...

And most importantly: it was necessary to replace the giant oak rafters.

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Oak forests in England remains small, and the old - even less, and there need oak trees older than 300 years - because all that younger does not fit under the size. And Commission began to search documents from where a tree to the rafters took the last time in the 14th century.

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The list of suppliers is carried out from the 11th century. And they discover that the oak roof timbers taken from Courthope county from Sussex. Moreover, it turns out that this county owned one and the same family.

Communicate. And the head of the family, Sir George Courthope answers: "yes, this call (message, emails) we are expected. Oaks in order. You can pick up..."

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The fact is that when the ancestor of Sir George put the beams for the building of the Parliament, he immediately realized that someday a new tree will need to repair, replace, and oaks are necessary such that not less than three hundred years, so immediately he commanded to plant new seedlings oaks. The oaks planted, and marked it in the family archive recorded: oaks to repair Westminster Hall, and handed the document to the heirs ... 560 years.

To cut down the oaks, and made a beam, and repaired the magnificent Westminster Hall.

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Sir George immediately planted a new grove, with the expectation of the next repair and thanks to the distant descendant.

Ability to plan for the next 500 years.

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The ability to efficiently manage their own mortality and eternity.
Because mortality - it does not mean anything in comparison with the foresight and timely planted oaks, storing relevant documents and confidence that Westminster Hall will be supported by the centuries-old oak "scrapie" laws (regardless of any parties and rulers) - to work, and all - continue ...

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