How can you define Love ?

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A persons action could tell if he/she truly loves you. Then it is left for you to place his/her actions on your own scale. That is to measure the level of love.

But we humans are funny. We can go extra miles in doing things that will prove our love for someone just to get what we want. And after that, BOOM! We are gone!!

Therefore, its really difficult to figure out at the onset if the person loves you. Truth be told, we can only figure who's with us and against us when we are in our darkest hours.

If I should bring religion into this, I think loving people around you and avoiding anything that could possibly hurt them clearly defines love.

LOVE IS GOD AND GOD IS LOVE. And you can't claim you love God when you despise the beings He has created in His own image.

See it this way, anyone who loves you and doesn't treat people around him/her right is clearly a hypocrite. There must be an ulterior motive lying low.

I hope this answer helps.


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