Do you consider the questions and answers on musing beneficial or not?

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Musing is a platform that is affecting life through the questions and answers.

More especially for me, the questions and answers are beneficial. I've come across many cases the questions and answers have benefited me. Which includes health, lifestyle, relationship, cryptocurrency and steemit.

I might not be able to recall them all, but a lot of questions and answers posted here is really beneficial.

I've come across health tips that are trigging and has been helpful.

My lifestyle, more especially my reasoning and perspective about life has changed based on quality answers posted here.

Musing has added little to my knowledge on relationship. Even if am not into any, its a plus when I'd be ready.

I never knew much about cryptocurrency until I started steemit coupled with the questions and answers here on musing about cryptocurrency. These platforms have really enlightened me greatly about cryptocurrency. As a matter of fact, I can talk about crypto with friends without fidgeting.

When it comes to steemit. Musing has enlightened me also. Even if my knowledge is average, musing has contributed towards it.

The questions and answers here on musing are just more than beneficial. Only those who knows will know what am talking about.

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