Are you a person interested in literature, languages and art or are you someone who is interested in science only or neither of both?

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Am a person who's more interested in science and little about literature and art.

Am a science student anyway. But not because of that. When I was very little, I was living this life of wanting to see the reason behind things. Why things happen the way I was seeing them. Such as electricity (why does it shock), medicine (if I inject a living rat paraffin will it survive) and so many other things.

I love stories quite alright but am always on imagination how it happened.

Because of my curiosity, I started doing things. Playing with electricity which almost got me killed one day if not for my brother's intervention.

Injecting living mice with paraffin to check if they'd survive. I was doing all these out of ignorance and because there's nobody to educate my mind.

Based on the mindset I have, I became more interested in science. I love science, there's a whole lot of things evolving every now and then.

Science is realistic because there's always a proof behind anything anyone could see as magical or a mystery.

Science teaches, guides and direct those who are interested to know. For every scientific fact today that is helpful. It was theoretically stated and experimentally proven. So it really requires a great deal of work to prove the possibilities. Truth be told, science is not for lazy humans. At every point, any theory that is stated, it must be scientifically proven to ascertain the findings. And as such, if you're the lazy type then you're going to find it difficult to be relevant.

Science is interesting, literature and art are just fun. So do that or get involve in that which is interesting and catch some fun later.

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