Behind my smile is sadness but I have to be strong

in life •  last year 

Everyone of us has sadness in life, through problems, problems in many aspects, like money, a problem in attitude, problems in a family. For me? I have a lot of problems, I guess I catch all the sadness especially that I am a product of a broken family who I haven't anyone to talk with, good thing I am here on steemit because I can tell all my sadness in my life.

I know soon All is well and I can keep Calm and Relax for myself. I know I am now stressed, I'm not supposed to live on edge always thinking about my problems, stressed out over work and worried about my future. My mind needs a vacation. I have to give my mind a break. Learn to be light hearted. See the humour in life, take time to laugh, enjoy with my family because laughter is a stress reliever.

I always smile, I smile despite the trials I have. I smile but behind this smile is sadness. Sadness because I felt that life is so unfair to me. I need to be strong, I am just a child a kid who is wishing to have a good future. I know I can do this! I know I can handle this. Aja!

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Always wear your smile :)

Thank you for the smile, you are in our edition of curation No 39.