The story of the world's poorest president.

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The individuals who are poor need them considerably more. Since, the individuals who take everything excessively, they are not happy with life. I'm visually impaired, not spotless. I'm similar to a gainful, all around prepped bag, I'm beneficial, as much as I'm alive, I'm content with the same. I don't care for extravagant life, the upside of my typical living is that there is a lot of time to do my work. In any case, I can do everything all alone. I need to live freely and I live this way. Living is a visit to Froogle's life, however I'm not unadulterated. "- Huss Muhik (Former President of Uruguay)

This is a remark that shows how awesome his contemplations are, his musings and considerations. His part in showing an excellent case against the way of life of dealing with the conventional industrialist state is one of a kind.
A Presidential State implies we are exceptionally emotionless, loaded with riches and qualities ​​and festivities. It appears not so unprecedented for the entire world but rather the special case word dependably comes in rivalry with the customary standards. In like manner, an exemption is a case Jose Moyeic. Uruguay President Jose Moussa is known as the world's poorest president, however subsequent to understanding the benefits, learning, information and theory, he will understand that he is the wealthiest president on the planet. From 2010 to 2015 he was the President of Uruguay

Jose Muez was conceived on May 20, 1935. His dad Dimitri Muhak was a rancher. Furthermore, mother Lucy Cordova is an Italian worker. When he was five years of age, his dad passed on. This time it came to outrageous neediness, he began filling in as a merchant of neighborhood bread kitchen. Now and again, he functioned as a lodging kid. With this, she offers blossoms and offers family costs. Along these lines, his life keeps on moving with neediness. At 13 years old to 17, Muhith got numerous honors by cycling for different clubs. Reacting to the Cuban Revolution, he joined the guerrilla development of the tuner in 1960 against the Uruguay Government. In 1969, he led a fruitful guerrilla activity to catch Pando city close Montevideo. Afterward, Uruguay President George Pasco was prohibited in another established code. In 1971, he got away from Puri Caritas jail with other political detainees. Yet, in 1972 he was again gotten by the police. After the overthrow in 1973, he was condemned to 14 years in jail and officers. At the point when popular government was reestablished in the nation in 1985, he was discharged from jail.
In the 2009 decision, he was chosen leader of Uruguay. After he was chosen President, he didn't discuss any issues, he did the way he lived, he expanded his life on the planet media. Be that as it may, as head of Uruguay, in center wage nations of the world, their month to month pay is around 12 thousand dollars. Yet, he paid 90 percent of the state treasury and kept just $ 775 (more) for himself. Because of this beneficent association, he is known as the world's poorest president. His better half is Luciano. In a meeting with Bobbodyiya Magazine, he said that the $ 800 million Uruguay sold in 1987 was the most costly property of the couple, and would offer for $ 10 million. One Arab Sheik has proposed this to him. Joshi said that he would not like to acknowledge the offer. What's more, in the event that he truly offers the auto, at that point he will get the cash he gets from poor people. The President said there is no dedication that he can not be sold. Or maybe, he needs to offer the auto with a grin. What's more, they need to give the outcasts cash, with the goal that they get their heads set up. Notwithstanding, Muayaji said that he needed to keep the vehicle for his most loved canine manula. When he surrendered for a year ago's commitment to the general advancement of Uruguay, it was said that "the world's most unassuming individuals have surrendered today" - Josh Mihash's life is finished.Logopit_1524240452533.jpg


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