Been a long time...

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Aka: Why do I give a Shit?

Hello, fellow Steemians. It's been a long time. Here's the 3:30 am edition of the rundown...
Christmas was a doozy
Nothing like yuletide hallucinations after a 6 unit blood transfusion.
I seriously didn't even know I had one, until I woke up in the ICU.
And Jello? What can I say about Jello?!! Can I say enough?!!
It's cold, and tasty, and thankfully you don't have to chew it a whole lot. Which is good, after having multiple seizures and almost biting your tounge off. Did you know, the tongue is one of the quickest healing organs in the body?
My tongue didn't get the message.
So, it's Jello.
For over a week now...Jello.
In other news...
The Assassin is...defunct.
My beloved is...
Not here.
Bills are overdue.
Unemployment is looming.
Kids and I are scheduled for homelessness in 30 days.
So I'm just gonna sit here and fry chicken and bake chocolate chip cookies until the 14th.
And then I'm going into demand my job back.
Cuz' fuck the world, and all that jazz.
And, I'll promise you this: I will get that job back!

So?...How are y'all??

~ Jane


This time of year tends to bring out the extreme in us, on either spectrum - good and bad.

Yes, you get that job back Jane.

Yeah, I'm just gonna go in there, dressed in uniform, and be all like " Hey. Y'all need me. I need you. Let's scratch that one incident, and start over. I'm not leaving, unless by police escort. Just sayin'."

Let's just hope my landlord finds the extreme goodness in himself, and will wait patiently for what I owe him.
Otherwise, the kids are gonna have to go into "the system" by Valentine's day.

Hi @disarrangedjane,
it feels good to read you again!
It's almost one year ago you and globocop (I did not add the @ because he told me not to mention him anymore) gave me the newcomer boost here on this crazy platform.
I'm still very thankful because without you two I would have been gone 11 months ago.
So to answer your question: I'm great :)
But reading your post makes me feel bad - except the part

And, I'll promise you this: I will get that job back!

Hey, make it happen!
Take control!

I am sure you can manage all the negative things happening and turn them into positive.

Please, don't let me be wrong!

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Oh Sweet Jane.
I miss you!

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