Snowboarding in Breckenridge, CO - Best Runs on the Mountain

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I recently went on a snowboarding trip to Breckenridge, CO. Snowboarding has been one of my favorite things to do and I just can't get enough of it. I lost count but I think I've been on roughly 7-8 snowboarding trips with the majority of trips at Breckenridge.

No doubt - snowboarding/skiing is an expensive hobby. In addition to travel and lodging, you will need to pay for lift tickets (at Breckenridge they're about $150/day), snowboard rentals, boot rentals, and helmet rental. Rentals can run about $120 for a 3-day trip, so by renting for two 3-day trips, you would have spent enough money on rentals to buy your own equipment. On top of that, you'll need proper snow attire - jacket, pants, goggles, gloves, socks, etc - and those aren't cheap either! After my first trip, I decided to commit and buy my own board, bindings, and boots.

Wanted to share some photos of the beautiful scenery from my recent trip.


Friday-Sundays are the busiest days on the slopes. I try to plan my trips on mostly weekdays as there are significantly less people on the slopes and on some runs, it's just you and the mountain. There's nothing like carving solo down your favorite run whilest listening to one of your favorite jams: Here's one of my favorite tunes while riding:

Here's my buddy posing on the black diamond run, Crystal, which follows the Falcon Super Chair lift:


Below is a map of Peak 10 and 9 and Breck:

For riders of all skill levels, I'd highly recommend any blue runs from the Mercury Super Chair. You really can't go wrong with any of those runs. My favorite blue run is Cashier down to Country Boy. From this recent trip, I noticed that Breckenridge is pivoting and trying to make certain peaks and runs "family friendly". Cashier being one of those runs and I'd have to say due to this, there are a lot more people on those runs.

For those of you looking for wide open terrain, I'd recommend a couple black diamond runs, American and Crystal. These runs are very similar to blue runs, just a tad steeper.

American is to the right of the Beaver Run Super Chair and is basically just a steep hill that flattens out at the bottom. If you were to bomb down the hill, you could get down within 30 seconds or less (depending on how fast you decide to go).

Crystal follows the Falcon Super Chair all the way down. At certain points, it's steeper than American, but definitely very fun to ride down. The slope of the run is so steep that you're pretty much forced to pickup speed.

American still takes the cake in terms of my favorite run. Although it's short, it's a great feeling just straight lining down American and gradually slowing down to a cruise as it levels out into a blue and then eventually a green run. Would definitely recommend American to all skill level riders - sometimes it's easier to learn on a slope where you can quickly gain some speed and momentum.


Until next time, Breck....I'll see ya soon....


Dude Kygo is my go to running playlist. Will have to try this next time I can make it out west to ski. Nice pics!

Thanks! Where do you usually ski out west? I haven't skied in the west coast before.

Haha I actually consider Breck out west! I've never even skiied in Colorado sadly

Gotcha! I was thinking west as in Lake Tahoe. Would like to experience that one day, but you should definitely check out CO sometime.

very nice pics man! thanks for sharing all the different runs for us newbies haha!

No prob! Breck is a pretty awesome place to snowboard with plenty of runs for all riding levels.

Looks like you got a gorgeous day man! I haven't gone this year, desperately need new gear and have been too slammed to get on it and get up to the mountain. I still have time, so I might get to it. The gear thing is an issue but maybe I could borrow

Yeah, it was ideal boarding weather while I was there, not too cold and not too hot. Definitely plan the trip! It'll be worthwhile. Borrowing gear is also a great way to save some money.

I wish I had my current job in Denver. I've considered taking a leave from work, getting a season pass, and being a ski bum for an entire season. Wonder if I'd get sick of snowboarding after that...

Possibly, I got a buddy who has been a ski bum for the past 3-4 years, he loves it, but I bet it can wear on ya sometimes. What's regular work for you?

I'd say go for it, might as well test it out. You could just steemit in your free time! ahha

I work in digital marketing in corporate America.

If cryptos make a nice run in 2018, I could be in a position to do so. Otherwise, I may test the waters in a year or so and try to work out a leave of absence or ideally, a working remotely situation. That would be sweeeeeeeeeeet.

Good ol corporate, I'm hoping crypto takes off as well, could use some gains to pursue other things for a while

you have amazing experience man... i also want to do this once in my life...

Thanks! You should definitely try it out, there's nothing else like it - being up on the mountain and enjoying the scenery!

Beautyful View of mountains, i think is wonderful to ski in that place

Most definitely, one of my favorite things to do. I need to figure out how I can go more often...

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