Golden Zebra with Blue Eyes

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golden 001.jpg

This animal, diagnosed with amelanosis, was rejected by his mother at birth because of his strange color
ts two colors distributed in beautiful stripes along the length and width of its body are the most characteristic mark of this mammal, considered very curious by its external appearance. This aspect conquers even more all those who see them when there are specimens with some extra "rarity", as was the case of the "ceburro" - fruit of the crossing between a zebra and a donkey - of which ABC informed the last ten of August.

goldern 01.JPG

But this fact is not the only one in which the zebras are object of qualities not habitual in the nature. Zoe is another specimen of this species that deserves special mention, this time by the absence of black drawings with which it paints its skin. She suffers from amelanosis, an alteration in pigmentation that-as they say at Three Ring Ranch, the animal sanctuary that cares for her in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii-has nothing to do with albinism.

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