E-books or paper books - WHICH ARE BETTER?

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Reading has its place in everyday life; it can relax, entertain, take you to the distant world or educate, depending on what you are reading.

With new technologies, books in digital edition that can be read on e-readers (Kindle) or on a mobile screen with applications are available to anyone.


I like both of them. I don’t want to exclude digital books neither say that paper books are the only one that should be red and are the only real books. Just want to educate about digital and paper books to bring closer the reading world to you and motivate you to start with reading.

Advantages of e-books

There are lots of advantages and this format is quite practical.

They take minimal place

The book is in your smartphone or on an e-reader, it takes considerably less place and is definitely easier than a regular book, and there are no chances to damage it except your smartphone or e-reader are broke.


They are easier to find

Some books in paper edition are not easy to find, especially some themes that interest you. There are a number of sites where you can download and enjoy books free of charge.

Paper books are harder to find.

I do not want to enter the domain of piracy and illegal downloading of books instead of buying support for the author, but this is my opinion: when I read books on business development and similar topics: I need information and want to get it in a faster, simpler and more convenient way than going to the store, finding the book and make a decision about buying if it is not expensive.

This way I save much more time and money.

You can read it in the dark

You can read paper book in the dark if you put a light source above it and that’s it. For e-bookthere are a number of mobile applications that light on your smartphone display to adjust it to the eye in dark conditions, so it’s easy to read.

Advantages of paper books

You don’t need a power source

To read a paper book, you do not need a battery, so you do not have to worry about how many more batteries you have on your smartphone or e-reader and will you be able to read a few more pages before the battery goes off.

Reading experience

Some people are bound to the book and don’t perceive it as pure information source, but the world, the soul, the story in the cover reserved to the one who turns on the first page. It’s just not the same thing to read a novel on a smartphone display and enjoy turning a page per page on a paper book.

Paper books have better reading experience.



As it is said, I always write down on the paper. Maybe this one is crazy, but imagine you’re reading a book on your smartphone, the application goes crazy and you do not know where you left. Your smartphone may get broken.

The book has a good old tagger, put it in and you know where you are left. You really have to be clumsy and forgetful to manage to lose the whole book.

I’m divided between books in digital and printed editions. Books on business development, marketing and personal development give me useful information that I like to read in digital form, but the novels and stories contained between the hard covers can not replace anything.

What do you prefer, books in a print or digital edition? Write it down in the comments!

Source: http://different.hr/en/e-books-or-paper-books/

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I totally agree with you that we can't just exclude one of these from our lives because both have their own advantages.
I also published my last post about futuristic library in China and some of my thoughts on e-books.
Thanks for a great post!