Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being”

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As a believer in financial freedom, I believe in taking hold of an opportunity given to make life better and enjoyable when it presents itself. I also believe in giving because to me, it is what makes the human life complete and fulfilled. That is why I am in support and a member of the GIVE Family. My beginning and success story in Bitcoin has over the years improved my knowledge of the importance of teaching people how to succeed financially and not just only succeeding but also sharing your abundance with the poor. Now, you may wonder what Bitcoin has to do with giving to the poor?
Through blockchain has created a platform for children to learn how to give and at the same time master their financial capabilities. To elaborate further, let me fully explain what Give is all about and why I became one of their advisors

Give was birthed from the Heartfulness Movement led by the public benefit corp HealThruwords, which helps more than two million followers obtain positive energy through mindfulness, exercise, and the use of positive words.

The concept underlying Give is to give an opportunity to children in local schools and willing investors to support a kid from the age of 5 -18 years old. The GIVE blockchain-powered ecosystem enables kids a real-life experience of giving to charities and kids in need while learning how to handle their finances through the management of their pocket money budget and multiple earnings possibilities. Side effects of such ongoing experiential learning are, amongst others: increased creativity, reduced depression, improved self-esteem, more kindness and better long-term financial health.

Schools will promote the GIVE tokens to the parents and the community. Parents and other donors such as sponsors allocate GIVE to the kids’ wallets. The tokens are the equivalent of (pocket) money and can be used at the kid’s discretion. Third party partners like our Tech Partner InSchool, will distribute tokens through smart contracts when certain conditions are met (for instance, attending a local InSchool Health Kiosk or obtaining a good grade, etc.).

Community members can access and use the GIVE token through interfaces on their desktops, mobiles or other portable wireless devices. The school’s and third-party’s computers are used in the ecosystem. The GIVE mobile app allows kids to manage their funds (e.g., save or invest), donate, earn more funds (in the background executed by smart contracts), purchase products and services on the curated marketplace and promote products and charities.

In the Give system, children are taught a lesson on giving and helping others while they have fun doing it. Kids in the ecosystem can choose to help globally by making donations to charities around the world, whenever kids receive tokens, their wallets automatically list charities to which they may choose to give about 10 percent of the received tokens. Kids get to earn extra by completing tasks offered within the Give community, and in addition, kids are taught how to manage their expenses and also learn personal financial skills through the GIVE decentralized ecosystem network.

As a great campaigner of Blockchain and Bitcoin and thriving financially, I became an advisor of GIVE because I believe in the core values GIVE is offering kids and communities. I encourage anyone who is interested in some financial improvement to join the train now and simultaneously make the world a better place. Every user involved has the opportunity to get the freedom to change the world through honest economic possibilities. And remember “Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being”.

Join me at and let's help kids all over the world!

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a new form off global-human-intrerest-education. I think thats maybe the future for our kids. Sharing Giving Having SGH the idea off when you Share, you Give to others and that means that you Have. Thats what i try to teach the bunch here.
groetjes uit rotterdam

Great project Didi. Reteemed!