From Train To Casa

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Train trip from Philly to Pittsburgh. I love traveling and seeing family, and there is something so peaceful about travling by train.

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It's certainly easier than driving from Philly to Pittsburgh in my experience.

I rather jump off a bridge than drive from Philly to Pitts haha

Last pic. Blazed or sleepy? Could be a little bit of both if you ask me, lol

I'll just sum it up with happy. :)

Love the train! Amtrak. Happy Friday.

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Thanks! Likewise.

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That's a tight ass train. Does it go Choooo-Choooo! WHAAAAAT!

Family is the best experience we can have, mine is growing and I really enjoy every moment. By the way, great pictures!

Sounds like a great little trip to take by train. Visited Philly about 10 years ago for a friend's wedding. Me and wifey had a blast :) Thanks for sharing @dhenz.

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I will def check your stuff out. I used to live in Dallas Texas btw

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I appreciate it so much @dhenz. I do apologize for somehow missing your response to my Comment when I was going through my "replies" section.

Btw, I just got through reading your interview with @timcliff. Just an amazing one. Really makes me feel a lot of hope for Steemit and the years to come being here with folks like you and Tim :)

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That first picture is just top notch! I have never traveled with train to be honest but it should be great experience indeed! Family always comes first! Have a great day @dhenz

I love to travel by train, mostly because I for some reason always sleep well while sitting lol. I think I'm a bit of a odd one.

Anyways how's that steepshot working out for you? Is it worth giving a try?

Steepshot is amazing. I stopped using Instagram for it.

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Right on! Never used Instagram either so that's the reason why I am not using Steepshot I guess, but maybe it would be cool to give a try one day.

Train travelling is to good,You are so enjoying your travel,I really like train travel,very easy sitting place in train,Wonderful train station,you are so enjoying with your family,have a great time,you and your wife looking so beautiful,thanks for sharing this great place,

Too bad there's no train to Scranton. The public tranny in NEPA sucks.

Looks scenic! I took the train from Johannesburg to Cape Town a couple years back. Long trip but incredible scenery. You should try it if you ever get the chance.

Good night friend @dhenz, traveling is relaxing and more to go to share with the family is emosionante and know that they are well. Have a good night I wish you from Venezuela. I invite you to visit my post.

Nice ride, it made me feel part of it.
Thanks for your upvote.
Cheers 👊😊

Never used a train before, but I must try it one day.

Indeedz. If you can find one where it is snowy, very nice experience

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Travelling by train is special - but I have never done a sleep-over trip yet!! I however love travelling in general. The station looks a bit old on your photo!!

Gotta love those long train journeys. Sometimes I put on ambient rain noise when I want to relax. Did you move from Mexico back to the states?