Lee Harvey Oswald. Or Belarusian trace in John F. Kennedy's assassination.

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More than 50 years ago in Dallas, in front of thousands of Americans was shot President John F. Kennedy. The murder accused 24 year old Lee Harvey Oswald, who had recently arrived from Minsk with Belarusian young wife.
October 16, 1959 19 year old marine, fascinated by Cuba and socialism, on a tourist visa comes in the USSR. In Moscow, he immediately asked his Soviet citizenship.
And is denied. The American does not inspire confidence in the authorities. He has to imitate suicide attempt and pass examination at a psychiatric hospital. And only after that, he was given permission to citizenship. Deputed to him translator present him fo his 20 birhday Dostoevsky novel with the eloquent title "The Idiot."

The place of residence of Oswald is determined Minsk.

City, where it can be effectively controlled.
In Minsk Oswald quickly gets a job at Radio Factory (now virtually no operating plant for the production of television

He set the salary of 700 rubles, still also paid 700 by the Red Cross. As many as radio factory director. After 2 months, he is granted by radio factory bedroom apartment in the city center with beautiful views from the window.

The dream of every citizen of the USSR.

It seems everything is fine! But very quickly comes disappointment

The ascetic life of the Soviet hard workers very quickly bored. It turned out that a lot of money to buy nothing. A lot of free time there is no place to put. After 21 00 life in Minsk is almost a standstill. In restaurants food is monotonous

Of all the usual types of entertainment just out of the window and rare while dancing, usually confined to what that holiday. Moreover, he constantly feels the attention of the KGB and is aware of the "bugs" in the apartment. All this is so does not seem to represent the idyll in America. Oswald soon marry Prusakova Marina, the daughter of a police colonel.

At the same time it begins to correspond with the US Embassy about returning home. Then he turns to the authorities for permission to return home. And unlike arrival, he soon allowed to leave. What is very strange at the time.
May 22, 1962 family (born a girl) goes from Minsk to Moscow

And a few days later he left the Soviet Union and sent to America. This path ends in Minsk for his November 24, 1963 charges of murder and death at the hands of Jack Ruby.
Was Lee Harvey Oswald probably recruited by the KGB for a long time will remain a mystery. But his name is given 15 minutes of fame Belarus thus became known in the world. For it is still considered that Belarus but do not change the president is no longer of interest. But it has many more secrets!

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