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Hello everyone!

This is a post that I don't really want to make considering that I don't like asking for sympathy or support, but recently I find myself in the need to. At the moment I am having a lot of trouble surviving in Korea in regards to finances and stress (which is mostly related to finances).

At the moment I am studing from 9am-6pm Monday-Thursday and then work until 10/11pm. On Friday I study from 2-6 and work until 10pm. I spend Saturday with my girlfriend and normally Sunday is studying or meeting friends as this is my one free day. In the end I hardly have any time to take photos or rest. I constantly have to be achieving a high GPA to keep receiving my scholarship, and working to pay life costs.

I have managed this for around two years, but recently this semester has been far more intense than normal. I have been considering moving back to New Zealand because I am not sure if I can afford a future here. But I love Korea and I don't want to leave. It's been a dilemma for me this past month or two. I really feel like I have tried my best here though, so I feel justified in asking for help now.

Steemit has been a great platform for my blogs and photos, and I will continue to post here. But unfortunately due to crypto-currencies, the state of whales/minnows, and some other aspects (like being unable to withdraw cryptos in Korea) it just isn't a good solution for me anymore.

From now on I will be posting to both Steemit and the site still needs a bit of work but it is coming along! In the near future I hope to be able to sell photos prints and services there!

Because of my situation, I have decided to start a Patreon page. Patreon is a site that allows creators to get paid for providing content (if you need help understanding the site please ask me). Basically you can donate money to me ($2, $5, $10, etc) and receive benefits for it. Here is my page:

My intention with this is to try and relieve some of the stress that I have from balancing my precarious lifestyle. Currently if I miss one or two days of work (which is common, as sometimes students are sick or on holiday) I am in negative money for the month, and it's not sustainable. I have tried to find some way to monetise photography for a while, but it's too slow and low paying, so I want to try a new method.

Eventually my dream is to live purely off of writing and photography, but right now that is a dream in the far future.

Blogging is my passion and I dream of being able to make it something more than just a hobby. I have been writing for over a year now on a private site (I wanted to practice!) and in that time I have decided that blogging (with photography as a major part) is what I want to do. Due to that I have finally decided to make it public.

My site is (as always) at and I will be updating it regularly. I have big plans for it and it will improve a lot within the next few weeks, lots of features will also be added.

I have changed this site a few times, but this time it is here to stay. It will stay as a blogging site and I will be covering everything that interests me (and I will take requests) in Korea. I plan on also doing videos in the near future.

Thank you for reading this far, if you would like to (and are able to) support me please check out

If you can't or don't want to donate please subscribe to my blog at

Finally, I know that this is asking for a lot and that asking on Steemit probably isn't the best place. But I am asking everywhere I can in the hope of finding any support. I don't want to ask for money for nothing and therefore Patreon is a great service because it allows me to provide something to you and receive money for my passion.

Any and all support is greatly appreciated, and I will always strive for more. Thank you :)

(If you do decide to donate on Patreon and it doesn't work straight away don't worry! It wont start until May 1st).

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It is related to Korea. Can you please read my post?


Removed the comment, but this might happen again. And I am not always able to remove the comments. Be clear in the title that your post is relevant to Korea so that you could avoid this situation better.

Don't expect the spam hunters will read all the text, be self-defensive.


I will be more clear in the future.

However, I believe the problem is with the 'spam hunters'. Courts work on the assumption that you are innocent until proven guilty, however this dog has been called on 4 of my posts. One of them I understand, but the other three were clearly related to Korea. This is guilty until proven innocent just because someone (who can't even speak English in this case) called it.

I understand there is a lot of spam, but due to KR-guidedog, random people are getting the dog called simply because their post is in English and looks like spam. I believe that you should create a punishment for people who incorrectly call the dog. At the moment the KR community is hostile to anyone who isn't writing in Korea but wants to participate.

Why shouldn't I expect the spam hunters to read all the text? They should. Innocent until proven guilty. Until then is just another system that is easily exploited and highly flawed.

Hi @devi1714 I'm very sorry to hear that you are going through these challenges. I have been where you are and know the stress of struggling to survive. I also know how much you love living in Korea and hope you will find a way to live out your dreams. I have missed your blogs and know that you have a passion and a talent for them and I hope that your situation improves dramatically but your studies and scholarship are a priority for the time being. It is hard to see the wood for the trees when you are overwhelmed with stress but eventually circumstances do change. Sometime what we see as stumbling blocks can often turn out to be stepping stones which lead us in other directions which prove to be positive in their outcome. Things will not always be this difficult. I wish I was in a better position to support you financially and want you to know I am thinking of you.......and missing you. All the very best my kiwi Bro!


Thank you for the comment! I haven't been checking here very often, but I did want to check and see if I had any comments. I know the future will be much better, for now it's just a struggle getting there. But like you say, everything does eventually get better (and often we are even happy we went through the times of struggle and learnt from them). I will be coming back and posting again on Steemit soon for sure, I am hoping that lots of the stress will be gone this week or next (exams...) so I am sure I can find some time to post here again. Thank you always for the kind words and support, I will do my best and I look forward to posting here again! I already have some things I have written in the past few weeks, I just haven't got around to posting them yet :) Hope you are doing well too, I also enjoy your photos when I check Steemit out.


You have a mature and healthy attitude @devi1714 and deserve to well in life. Look after yourself and enjoy each day. 🌺