My best wishes to you for a wonderful year 2019

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My best wishes

Enjoy one minute video and have a great 2019.

Hope we will meet in person somewhere this year for a talk and a drink.

Music is all around

This is the entrance full of guitars at the Hard Rock Hotel in Bali.

A wonderful place to stay with a family and with all the music a part of my life which has to get more room and more time in the next years.


Love to go there again and meet some friends.

Enjoy the water

I love to stay at the water for a swim or a dive. Let's see to wich countries and to wich beaches the year 2019 will bring me and my family.


Beach sign

This sign speaks out what we all should do a lot more...


Enjoy your 2019
Do the things you Love
Travel the World
And steem on!

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Happy new year for you too !

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Have a prosper 19 and See you on the 13th

Looking forward to see all the dutchies

Me too its going to be fun AND reallllll great beer. So you need an hotel 😬

Wish you all the best as well for 2019. Cheers to a great year

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