The Future Looks Like

in life •  2 months ago 

The future continues to look better and better to me.

I've been paying extra special attention toward certain things and certain metrics.

One thing in particular is the distribution of STEEM accross the Steem Blockchain.

I've noticed that some people have negative outlooks for steem.

Tehy see it as a dying breed and they think that STEEM will simply die out one day.

I call these people misinformed and underinformed.

They don't realize the true potential of this blockchain and they definitely don't see that we are just at the beginning.

Sure, some dumb shit has happened... Mostly on the part of Steemit, inc.

But so much amazing shit has happened too.

They'll see it... One da.y

They'll realize their terrible mistake and come flocking back.

They always do.

Steem is so much more than anyone can believe or comprehend!

We are just at the beginning of something beautiful!

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Thank you for this post. I agree with you about steem. Steem to the moon.

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