Once they Recognize It

in life •  last month 

I talk about this point far more than any other point in all of my writings.

This is the point of where Steem shines and outshines every other community of crypto out there.

In my opinion, there is not a single community out there that beats Steem in this particular regard.

What I am talking about is the aspect of community involvement and dedication.

Steemians are more involved, more engaged and more dedicated than any other community members!

Steem is such a beautiful place as it brings us all together and shows us all the immense possibilites of a brighter future, together.

You see, the future is not just in the individual nature like other blockchains...

Other blockchains tend to have a more individualistic nature to them..

You invest and hope that the value goes up.

Steem is different...

You invest time and money and blood and sweat and tears and you build the community as a community.

One day, this may all pay off for all of us who have been involved as early adopters.

Time will tell, but my faith in this vision only continues to grow with each passing day!

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