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Procrastinating is one of the my downfalls that I hope to grow out of.
Healtheir habits have substituted in my previous 2 years, since I've been involved with yoga again.
Last week I had a very very intense week, something I've never experienced in my life, because handling stress has always been my strong suit.
My stress caught the best of me by controlling my attitude towards/at work, and at myself. I worked out once last week, (can't forget I was pms'ing) making all this time for a couple of friends, which turn from a 2 hour to 5 hours of nonsense... can't stand it. Which pushes me back so much on my school work, and mind you I always work my longest hours on the weekends. Yup.... the time that all my homework is due. I stress out so much during the weekend, that during the week sometimes I "spoil" myself by having my day off from work and just doing nothing or buying myself nonsense. Also the fact finances are stressing me out because I am trying my absolute best to save, but it is hard when you have quite alot of money and a loan to add on top of it, it's a type of financial freedom I feel I have but, is just a moment freedom I could quickly lose.

... All of that caught up to me and I left work once i entered through those doors, bought a glass of wine and spent time with my friend... which ultimately messed me up because I wanted to use that time to study if i was to call out of work but my mind was in the wrong place.

I don't hope, I WILL change these habits, and create a better destiny for me, so I can be productive and save myself the drama, and treat myself to a night of mindful rest & no rest after a long stressful shift like I will be soon having this season/semester. I should be looking for a new job, for now I want to less the anxiety of a new job firing/hours etc etc.

At least I am continuing to eat healthy, I just need the consistency of keeping my body physically at work to keep my stresses in line like I usually do. And get some mindful practice/yoga in my daily routine.

thanks for taking the time to read this, I feel already some stress off of my shoulders. Though I journal from time to time, this also feels good because if I receive feedback, I'd love to read good vibes and someone that might relate.


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