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living and just being
previously i've vented a lot of bull that no one really cares about.
just came on here to blog about random thoughts in my mind
but i found other ways to vent
and taking time to be with ME, was easiest when writing my thoughts on paper
drawing, to be with ME, meditate to be with ME, working out to be with ME
since work and school is always something to keep me structured.. has also been many ways
to escape my being while not intending too.
I easily attain exhaustion, especially social exhaustion from speaking to guests all day and my coworkers, that winding down by myself at the end of the night has been keeping me in a different type of happiness.
but i am still craving more, i know i can be more satisfied by having multiple sources of income,
which i will be investing into steemit and free lancing.
we will see where most of this takes me, but this year has brought me some experiences with what i like and do not like
but i know in the next two months something greater is going to happen... I feel it
I'm so excited and ready for it.
I manifested it,
and it is to happen <3

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@destinyruiz you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

yes! thank you so much!! <3