being brought up as a Jehovah's Witness (Part 1)

in life •  last year 

so there has been a couple things that have crossed my mind lately
and i am very aware that religious views are a very sensitive subject to touch on but as I said... it's something i want to vent out about.

i was brought up in a house where my grandmother on my dads side was a Jehovahs witness
my mothers side on the other hand was all christian and part catholic. i mean my dad always wanted to give me a good christmas and birthday when i wanted to. but we couldn't have a christmas tree in the house and MOST ESPECIALLY any halloween related decorations around the house during halloween. I was told they would bring in evil spirits, and my grandma could feel a heaviness feet away if i was watching anything with spirits etc. it was a sixth sense she had. anyways, so everything i knew was GOD, and JESUS.

yes i know there are other religions but I was never much interested because sometimes i do catch myself getting persuaded, nothing would change my opinion on how i feel, but my thought process on the facts in certain arguments. But i think it is because i am so open minded, but know how to hold my own opinion.

so just a couple weeks ago, this guy i was dating for a very short amount of time (because of this) told me things about his religious views that stirred me up a bit. but I will continue in the next post because it is a lot in itself, so it'll take some time to gather up.

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