Birthday Alert of An African Child

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African Baby boy.jpg

HELLO STEEMIANS! It's a Happy birthday to my baby cousin Jovanni Oluwa Toyosi. Baby Jo, you are a true picture of an African Child, blessed by God and loved by men.

Baby boy standing with a ball.jpg

Everyone loves JO. He is a lively kid who has brought so much happiness to his parents from birth. My prayer for him is for him to grow up with grace and wisdom.
Please friends help me wish Jovanni a happy birthday.


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Happy birthday to him!


Alright. Thanks

Happy birthday, wish you God’s guidance and protection, you shall fulfill your mission on earth greater you I pray.


Awww! Thanks so much for your best wishes @tapcybaby

Happy Birthday Jo, you are truly a bundle of joy, through you not just your family will have joy but the world at large will find joy because of you, go and make it in Jesus name.


Yeah!!!!!! Thank you @kellywise for your best wishes.

Happy birthday, wish you Gods love.


Thank you @juliet35. Amen to the prayers

It is a precious baby. Give Jovanni our hug of happy birthday.
He is our cover image.


Aww! That is so sweet to hear. he'll get plenty of hugs from you by proxy

Happy Birth Day Jovanni!!!🍬 🍭 🍮
🍯 🍰


Thank you @onenecha

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