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Hi @dennisschroeder i follow you around 1 year ago because my heart told me :). Regards


Thank you so much🙂🙏🏻

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Thank you so much🙂🙏🏻

That's nice life thought @dennisschroeder.
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yes, dear, such a excellent word and wonderful sentence you wrote


It‘s a pleasure 🙂🙌🏻


mention not dear, have a nice and sweet day.

Nice quote sir.☺

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Please sir ser my profile once

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Universe is really a great content and the above thing that you mean is attracting me very much and you have been able to elucidate your issue.

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I try @dennisschroeder I try
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True words..
I think its the natural rules........


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Listen your heart ,you get everything....


Nice quotes

superb words of wisdom :) post after so long ?


Thank you, yes long time no see 🙂

@dennisschroeder - Sir we all are tiny beings when comparing to the whole universe... It's unlimited like mother's love...



That’s true, thank you for that 🙂🙏🏻🙌🏻


That’s true, thank you for that 🙂🙏🏻🙌🏻

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Such an inspirational Speech


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Universe is extremely an awesome substance and the above thing that you mean is pulling in me in particular and you have possessed the capacity to illustrate your issue.

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Hello @dennisschroeder,

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Great blog. Thanks for sharing
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Pretty awesome post @dennisschroeder sir. I'm so inspired from you. Very deep and spiritual meaning. Awesome post sir.

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Sir, @dennisschroeder.I Hope you are good, I agree with you, universe is really a great content!! such a excellent word and wonderful sentence you wrote. great quote sir.Your personality is so great sir. Follow you to where! where my heart takes me!!
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Sir @dennisschroeder. Love Your Proposal Well Explained..

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In side of your article you built your universe. Its glad to be a follower of your universe.

I never un-followed you since day #1. Excellent quote & thank you

we should follow the path which our heart says because its always right :)

I just followed you. Well said. Steemit message is same. people are just like a family here who is working for the growth of this community. so we should have trust, and follow each other. In this way we will win together. Let's win together. @dennisschroeder

Enormously sentence.

Universe is an extraordinary theme Universe has a great role to play in every person's life for this world. It is a good guide for the community that currently wants to present your content.

A Universe plays an effective role as a whole direction of the Earth and plays an important role in the whole world.

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Follow your heart and it will take you to your desired destination :D

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sir @dennisschroeder
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Perfect words @dennisschroeder
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such an eminent word and great sentence you made

such an eminent word and great sentence you made

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