Beautiful to see that gives a great vision we should hold in life

Yeah you are right we should hold in life.

Sir, I am very confused . Please some details

wow, looking very nice. it's very good drawing

Wow amazing creativity
I like this art

I know, it's called The Flower of Life which is the name of a geometric figure composed of seven or more evenly spaced and superimposed circles. This figure, used as a decorative motif from time immemorial, forms a pattern similar to a flower with the symmetrical structure of a hexagon. The perfect form, proportion and harmony of the Flower of Life have been known by countless philosophers, architects and artists around the world. The pagans considered that it was sacred geometry that contained ancient religious values, representing the fundamental forms of space and time. Figures as prominent as Leonardo da Vinci have attributed a special meaning to the Flower of Life and to three similar symbols, called the "Egg of Life," the "Fruit of Life," and the "Seed of Life." The "Egg of Life" is said to form the basis for music since the distances between the spheres are identical to the distances between the tones and the nusical halftones. It is also identical to the cellular structure of the third embryonic division (the first cell divides into two cells, then into four cells and then into eight).

Life, in many waysis a balancing act walking a tightrope and constantly juggling between work, home, money, health, and relationships. In a bid to accomplish our goals and to succeed on all fronts we often fail to understand the importance of having a balance in our life. Great post @dennischroeder sir.

Thanks for sharing this post.

@dennisschroeder - Life / Love & Balance... It's Three major factors of all Sir... Nice you decided to talk it...


Fantastic blog sir. I like your post. Resteem done

Incredible post, resteem done

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