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Excellent post raising good questions!

Why do we DO what we do? It's a complex question, to be sure. Why do people become militant about their way; their beliefs? I have to go with fear...

From the perspective of an old dude (57) I watch people being unable to emotionally parse that a contradictory point of view can coexist with their own. There's a subtle sense of "If they can believe THAT, it casts a shadow of doubt on what I believe... and I am too invested in this to allow questioning. What if THEY are right? That scares me! (Kill them)"

Or something like that.


Thank you!
First of all, I'm ready to fight you on your perspective that your perspective is of an old dude.

Secondly, I completely agree with everything else.
We are creatures of habits, thinking included, that are ready to deny the existence of other ways, just so we could stay in our little comfort zones.

The last phrase is so pregnant.
I will try to remember it for as long as I can, as it applies to me as much as to anybody else in certain circumstances.

Thanks for making the post 2x better just with a small comment :)

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