When your first week on steemit doesn't go as planned.

in #life4 years ago (edited)

I don't know who's ancestors I angered but last week on Tuesday, I woke up to this:

I was not able to post, upvote and comment on posts because apparently, I had used all my resource credits. Being new on steemit, I was generous and eager to upvote and comment on most posts because I had read that it was a good way to get my account noticed.(big mistake) So I opted for waiting for my RCS to recharge (because I couldn't afford to buy steem). This would take five days😭.

As if that was not enough, my phone dropped and got messed really bad.


Anyone who's gone through this knows the pain of seeing your screen so cracked. To make it worse, the camera also got messed and so all the vlogs I had been planning on shooting where thrown out of the door.

I really felt like giving up on everything because of what had happened. But after patiently waiting for a month on steemit to approve my account, it showed me how enduring and hopefulI could be. I decided that I would concentrate on blogging for now til I got a better phone. And incase I really wanted to film a great experience, I would borrow a friend's phone or camera.

I also decided that to share this experience with my fellow steemians first before posting the initial content I actually wanted to. To let everyone know that people's lives are different in ways one cannot imagine but also to encourage each and everyone not to give up because life will always throw obstacles our way that we have to jump if we ever want to succeed. If you truly believe in something, follow your gut and persist and in the end, you'll reap big time!
Kudos to you all


Feeling bad for your phone don't worry you will get new but you have to do best in your blogs and don't give up life is all about what you make new and create such things which may lead you in different path so carry on and keep doing it is a key to go forward. Nice post

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