Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

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The mother art is architecture.
Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization!
Here is a great quote by Frank Lloyd Wright.
Look at the beauty of nature.
In todays life we are so busy in ourselves that we often ignore what is around us ,
we often ignore our responsibilities towards nature .
Nature dont need us infact we need nature , we need this world .The world dont need us infact we are the most dangerous animals on this planet earth.
Do we care how much harsh we are being towards nature ?
Do you know according to an estimate nature gives us free services of more than 36 trillion dollar.
Still we dont care about it because it is in our gees to understand the value of something when it is gone.
I know many of us still just dont care but may be if only one person change its thinking just because of reading this then it will be a victory for me!
Please let me know what you think about nature and do suggest how can we protect this world.


👲Great blog my friend...Continue your good work...मुझे फॉलो करो, मैं आपको फॉलो बैक करुंगा💯 And create a big (mgsc) community ... #mgsc ...✌

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thank you @loloking .
I am sure we will make mgsc community a lot more bigger!


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Btw i have followed you

Thanks ..☺

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wow that is a fantastic building🏫

Dont forget the tree near it :)

It is difficult to "take care" of nature. I think that, rather than taking care of it, we should try to disturb it as little as possible. Being aware of our levels of consumerism can be the first step. Be aware of only using what we really need. Greetings. Good post.

I do agree with you my dear friend.
And thank you for your words of appreciation.

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