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Short-term erosion erosion; It is the loss of something that does not originate from the existence of an object. Soil erosion is a loss of soil by a number of factors.

In addition to the world, our country has recently eroded rapidly. Around 67 million hectares across the country. Erosion is a large-scale agricultural agriculture. Intensive erosion is observed in 75% (approximately 20 million ha) of agricultural land.

The most destructive natural resources on earth are undoubtedly forests. Our country, which has pioneered the world starting from this destruction today, leads to a rapid erosion and desertification behind it. Erosion of vegetation causes significant losses:

  • Absence of national wealth
  • I'm against water breakdown.
  • drought, avalanche, landslide, disasters,
  • Causes a jam.

How to prevent erosion?
The solution starts with the human. In the field of persuasion in the field of erosion, it must be convinced for the benefit of this work. If the social problems in the region are solved and economic techniques are produced, people are technically made more comfortable.
Technical planning:

  • After the terrace work is done, dry wall sills are made of broken fences to prevent the destructive power of water.
  • After the damaged structure of the land is repaired, the order comes from the land. In addition to tree planting; grazing, strengthening of river beds with vegetation and improvement of existing plants.
  • Success in the fight against arthrosis. Young-old, cold, warm, day and night should be told about colds.

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