Daking attention

in #life4 years ago

Poet, who draws attention in poetry, expresses the problems and problems of daily life. In fact, this sadness and pessimism could not answer the lovers who filled the words of the poem. Dreams are his world. There are thousands of hopes in your heart as you raise your dreams. But if you don't see a response from your lover, give despair and despair.
Poetry is a part of words that contain pictures and pictures. The words of nature were sold abundantly, so the painter, the painter, the helpless, worried painter carefully withdrew to the reader's eyes.
The poet expressed his feelings in his poems and tried to establish a connection between the inner world and the outside world. Metaphorical narrative and image are often preferred.

The number of symbolist poets is a poem that can be interpreted by everyone; the idea of ​​creating an inner harmony based on the music of words; The poem around the poem is the expression of poetry, not reality, the reality in poetry (nature).

The poem, which he met with the nakedness of the truth, was chosen as a decor in desert hours, evenings, in the moonlight, in the night, in the desert, in a semi-dark and dim atmosphere. In other words, our poet has not directly explained a thought, information, and is covered with boho emotions.

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