Happiness and pain

in #life3 years ago

Hey happiness - that's a big hurry?
Your fault
Hurry up; Get out of the rush.

Uhuru! I also learned to l
Come on-- well done. Wait.
Now I am - the queen of pain is in the embrace.

Her big- oyster's chest;
There is a thorn - but it's gone.
What do you say and the way?
You have to make room with him!
So - even if you whisper; Kicked but signed.

If you are-- the butterfly of dreams!
Get ready; Go farther.

We are - Life is a dream.
Honey in your chest - beyond the power.
So when you come; Come with a little notice.
I will tell the pain of the queen - piercing the hull in the chest.

Her honey - you play with honey
Bigger sweet sweet looks.