Follow me for sloths and world domination!

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Dear minions,

You should follow me on Steemit because sometimes I post pictures of sloths and sloths are great.

If you want to conquer the world, it helps to have lots of sloth pictures...

Whenever you have friends over you can say, "Hey, wanna see my sloths?" and of course they will say yes.

Then people will invite you to parties because they know you're a cool guy with lots of sloth pictures.

Taking over the world is all about getting invited to parties when you think about it. You can measure success by the number of funny colored cocktails you have tasted.

It's at parties where you will meet people with access to submarines and nuclear launch codes.

So enjoy today's sloth.


And what more can any of us ask for in these troubled times?

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There's nothing better than a good sloth I say!

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