Alligators are cool dudes.

in #life4 years ago

alligator-cartoon-style-funny-animal-on-white-vector-8966399.jpg Dear minions,

Alligators have a bad reputation because sometimes they eat people. And you know who suffers in the end?? All of us, because there are no good alligator movies!

Sometimes I'm just in the mood to sit down with some popcorn and watch alligators.

I bet I could write a good script for an alligator movie. The main character would be an alligator and he would be late for an appointment with his accountant. The accountant would eat the alligator in a fit of furry (plot twist!) and then the alligator would wake up in the depths of hell and fight with Godzilla over who should rule the underworld for all eternity. There would need to be some car chases and explosions here and there and then finally we would have a famous alligator that I could watch doing interviews on late night talk shows.

I don't know, what do you think? Why aren't there any good movies with a lead alligator?!

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