The Magic Of Fifty-fifty

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I love the number 50, even more the combination 50-50. In many communities, societies, companies, other groups of people, 50 percent of votes + 1 vote is needed to make decisions. For me 50 percent is the symbol of collaboration, democracy.

Consensus needed

I like the number 50 because it is neither too low nor to high. Zero percent or 100 percent indicates totalitarianism, 20-20-20-20-20 shows disagreement and dissension. Many countries fell in chaos as no leading power could be elected.

Blockchain systems also need consensus, and it is often possible with 50 percent + 1 vote.


But 50-50 can be also harmful, if it comes with the lack of agreement. By a couple, no decision can be taken if the members disagree. In a broader group, this type of division can be harmful if the members can’t handle the situation. If the two powers are too equilibrated, one party can take violent measures.

In some undeveloped, immature societies, even in other cases like 30-70, the weaker party can take desperate and aggressive measures. It can end with bloodbath, any number, if people prefer violence to talks and agreements.

Paint it grey

I don’t like 100 or 0 percent, I don’t like if things are painted black or white, good or bad, we and they, friend and foe, domestic and foreigner, immigrated and native. I don’t like binary, simplified questions and binary thinking. Sometimes we need complicated answers in a complicated world, and I prefer people who can understand this complexity.

The correct answer to almost any question in economics is: It depends ― Dani Rodrik

We are all heroes

We need to know that between black and white are so many shapes of grey, or even better, brown, yellow, green and blue are also legal. Between good and bad there are so much different kind of people struggling to survive or make things better, if they can. And making mistakes all the time.

Nobody can always perform at 100 percent. Sometimes 50 percent turns out as a heroism at the given circumstances.

(This is my post number 50 on Steemit, a little jubilee, I hope it was a pleasant Sunday Monday reading and also makes some people think.)

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I like no. 50 too, it's my fave number!

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i prefer nr 5, but i do not "like" per say numbers.

Happy posting @deathcross👏 You're on fire🔥🔥Feeling good here to read from you. Keep it up!!