5 + 1 Words In English, Every Day: Women, equality, flowers

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(98-98.) (Español aquí) The idea is to incentivize people learn some words in English every day. Learning only five words daily means 1825 words a year. Not enough to speak very well, but it can be a good start. Much better than doing nothing. Do you know somebody who needs to begin to learn English? Some relatives or friends? Please give them this simple lessons.

New in these lessons

Today is the International Women’s Day, in some countries an official holiday, in others, not. Time to remember women’s rights, and bring them some flowers. Without women, there is no life on Earth. They are making so many sacrifices to maintain and keep together families, educate children, take care of their husbands, the elders, work in family and also their jobs.

(List of lessons at the end)

Lesson 98

#EnglishDeutschEspañolGoogle TranslatorFree Dict.
1equalitydie Gleichberechtigung, die Gleichheitla igualdadGoogleFree Dict.
2rightsdie Rechtelos derechosGoogleFree Dict.
3equal paydie Lohngleichheitla igualdad salarialGoogleFree Dict.
4women's suffragedas Frauenwahlrechtel sufragio femeninoGoogleFree Dict.
5domestic violencedie häusliche Gewaltla violencia domésticaGoogleFree Dict.
+International Women's DayDer Internationale FrauentagDía Internacional de la MujerGoogleFree Dict.

Remark: Women's rights

Lesson 99

#EnglishDeutschEspañolGoogle TranslatorFree Dict.
1lillydie Lilieel lirioGoogleFree Dict.
2gardeniadie Gardeniela gardeniaGoogleFree Dict.
3jasminedas Jasminel jazmínGoogleFree Dict.
4gerberadie Gerberala gerberaGoogleFree Dict.
5lilacder Fliederla lilaGoogleFree Dict.
+lilly of the valleydie Maiglöckchen des Talesel lirio del valleGoogleFree Dict.

Remark: See also lesson 94.

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How to use it?

You find the words always in Spanish and German. The Google link takes you to the Google Translator, where you can set your desired language (above the right side box) to be able to get the meaning in many other languages.

Below the left box, the speaker sign gives you the important pronunciation, the voice sample. Another choice is the other link to the Free Dictionary, with voice samples in both American English and British English versions. The reader should also pronounce the word himself/herself, several times, not only listen to it.

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(Introducción en español aquí)
(Introduction in English here)

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Index of “5 + 1 Words In English” – Índice de la serie “5 + 1 palabras en inglés”

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