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As a child growing up, mathematics has always been a bane for me. At most, I am an average student with the subject. But there are some insurmountable mountains that I still struggle to climb within the course.

Foremost among it is Trigonometry and Geometry; the sight of any questions related to it bamboozle me. I thought I was free of it after high school but now my past is back to haunt me.

In Animation, one of the most important skill set of an animator is understanding the graph editor. The graph editor is basically a graph that shows the key frames of an animation. The graph editor enables you to make subtle and necessary additions to the animation.

So, I am back at this mathematics thingy again. Funny enough, it kind of easy for me to understand it now. Cheers to taking baby steps.


Currently a student at the University studying art as one of my specialization.
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