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RE: Partying in the age of Covid: a short animation

in #life6 months ago (edited)

Ah, I've missed the little Boomstickmeister's. A true classic. Though I must be a bit picky and call a small foul here. Any barfly worth his dregs 'n salts WITH eyes, would get 90% of the stream outside the precious bowl. And one sans his peepers, good lord, would no doubt plaster the very walls surrounding. "Just warshing down the graffiti". (You can tell I spent WAY too much time in the precious smelling saloons of Barville, when a younger sir...)
Cheerio(s) on a Monday in March


It's funny you should say that. I will post a similarly themed early animation later!!

Great minds do...something or other...
I shall look forward to it with Gusto, and his little brother Freddy.

Freddy was always underrated!

I think he now has a complex


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