365 Days of not gambling

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365 Days of NOT Gambling.

Day 1
My intentions for writing this book is for the sole purpose, to help others, and myself as well. Be advised that even though the title of the book is based on Gambling, this book may be very useful for all addictions and OBSESSIONS.
My life looks very different today, then it did 3 years ago which was before I really started gambling as a sober man in recovery. Practicing the 12 steps and working hard every day lead me to have a very full and useful life.
Note its 12:31 am on 8/9/2017
The last bet I made was around 3am on 8/8/2017. I’m not going to write too much right now about my last hours of gambling but I will say that 3 years ago I owned a house and I was paying $400 extra on the principal each month. I no longer own that house.
Day 2
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